Friday, June 29, 2012


A couple weeks back, I had the honor of meeting and walking in Christian Siriano*s show at Neiman Marcus. He was in town to present both his Spring and Fall collections and to shop with some of the local ladies.

I stole this photo from his Instagram:
We are in the Spring line. Unfortunately, I didn't get any additional photos. I wore two other looks in the fall collection, one of which was an amazing leather top with a huge ball gown skirt!

Here is a picture of a real model wearing it:

I was chosen for this look because, as Christian himself stated, I'm busty. LOL! I never thought that would come in handy in the fashion world!

I also wore this dress:

All in all, the fashion show was one of the best moments in my life. Seriously! It was really a "moment", because, for me,! is really all about fashion. Having the chance to not only wear these beautiful pieces, but also walk down a runway in them was just the coolest thing ever! All my life, I've loved beautiful clothes. I've loved fashion and I've loved models. And now, I kinda get to be a part of that world from my own little spot on this earth. I feel like it's really a very special honor for me to experience just a tiny slice of it!

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LPC said...

So much fun. Is Siriano as much of a kick as he seems to be from his public persona?