Monday, July 2, 2012

As my sister so aptly stated, "God Bless America"

My sister, Bean, is living in China. We speak often enough, and text, email, "We Chat" (an amazing app which allows us to text, leave messages, send pics/videos which no charge), but nothing cracks me up more than her random facebook posts on my wall. The thing is, she's in Shang'hai, and while she lives in a neighborhood with many ex-pats, she's still not here, you know? So she's post this video with this caption: "Thank you, God, for bringing this immense joy into my life." and my other sister comments: " God bless America. ( on mute)". These two crack me up! But, I must agree, somethings only happen in the USA. Amen!

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LPC said...

Don't think we haven't seen and appreciated this:).