Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Table

When I was in college, I worked for my friend's mother who is a Real Estate agent. It was a great way to earn extra money, and in the process Pam and I got very close. I still do odd jobs for her now and then. For example I organized her closets last month (this woman has the most amazing wardrobe!) and last weekend helped her organize her basement. She was preparing for a garage sale and basically moving things around so they are more accessible to her. We came across this table, and she gave it to B and me. I live exactly .5 miles from her, so B came over and picked it up. I'm in love with it!

Our taste is normally more contemporary, but I want to mix in traditional pieces to give it a timeless look. What do you guys think? We still need to hang some pictures throughout the house and organize our "office". I plan to get most of that done over Labor Day weekend. I've utilized every holiday weekend since we've moved in, so that next year we can enjoy the time off and I can focus on our wedding!

Speaking of our wedding, I am trying on dresses on Monday morning! A couture bridal salon in my area is having their annual Sample Sale. A is coming along (She is an expert on all things weddings. Plus, because she's my only married friend! She has impeccable taste and style.) I will try to sneak some pictures and post them. Only I won't be able to tell you which I choose because B loves to read my blog!

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TAG said...

How wonderfully exciting! Please keep us posted.