Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Cutest Little Pepper

My mom dropped a few of these stuffed peppers delicious! And adorable!


Yesterday my sister and I spent the morning styling models for a fashion show in Royal Oak. Afterwards, we attended an afterglow party. It was a great time!

Here we are at the party:


Kappa Prep said...

You all look so pretty! What a fun Saturday!

preppy little dress said...
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preppy little dress said...

the stuffed pepper looks delish! what's inside?

i miss royal oak and esp. tom's oyster bar, they closed the one in GP and moved it to SCS - whatever! ha! ha!

hey, are you a fan of sushi? if so, i am sure you are aware of noble fish. they have the best sushi! i miss that place too!

preppy little dress said...

ops, forgot to mention noble fish is located on 14 mile, east of main in clawson.

Muffy said...

OOH! Glamorous!!! You look TERRIFIC!

Nicole in MI said...

you and your sister are lovely, sounds like fun, and I stuffed peppers are delish

TAG said...

You are precious!