Friday, September 12, 2008

That's one secret I'll Never Tell....


I'm a big GG fan. I've actually (I'm a bit embarrassed to admit...) read most of the books. So when the show started last year, I was hooked! B and I were both fans of The O.C., and were sad to see it end. Well, GG has been a perfect replacement for me and I've finally gotten B to start watching it with me. He hasn't seen any of last season, and I've been filling him in.

Last night we were watching Monday's episode that was saved on our DVR when B turned to me. Conversation went as follows:

B: So no one actually knows who Gossip Girl is?

Me: No.

B: How does she know how everything is happening?

Me: People email pictures and gossip to her.

After a little pause....

B: Well, if it were me in the show, I'd make it my goal to learn one new thing about Gossip Girl everyday until I figured out who she was. Then, I'd either kill her or bring her down!!!!

Princess Freckles


Muffy said...

I read all the books this last summer! I love the new season!

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Have not read the books (my age is showing with that one) and we don't get the channel that GG is on. I expect my daughter follows the show. Now that she is back to work, her time is so limited, though.

Yea, I'd love to come up to Michigan right about now to decorate with you, sweetie! Our weather is so yucky, hot, humid, & squally...we are having the outer bands of IKE. But, TYG, not the direct impact that poor Houston area will have.
What is your weather like...I'm dreaming it is cooling off and one might even be lucky enough to wear a sweater or jacket on occassion!

JenWebb702 said...

I FINALLY got around to posting about my AWESOME swap gifts!! Check it out!!!