Saturday, December 20, 2008


Preppy Little Dress just gave me an award, and it reminded me that Running Just as Fast as I Can also gave me an award a while back! I'm so sorry I forgot! :( I got this award once before, but its so fun!

The rules are: List 5 obsessions/addictions that you have. Tag back to the person who gave you the award. Post the Rules. Tag 5 more people!

My obsessions are:

1. Christmas Cookies- I've been a baking machine recently. I will post some pictures. I've made 7 types of cookies and packaged them up for friends and family! Poor B has been exercising major self control not eating any of them!

2. All things related to Martha Stewart!

3. The Nutcracker! I had so much fun seeing this ballet with B! My home is decorated for Christmas and there is an overwhelming Nutcracker theme! I just love them!

4. Planning my Wedding- or the need to actually get started on the nitty-gritty!

5. Florida- I've been more times then I can count. My dad lives in Naples (we spent most vacations at our home there). I also love Disney! B and I are spending our honeymoon in FL. One week at the Swan in Disney and the other in Naples (not sure which resort yet).

I think most everyone has been tagged for this, so I tag anyone who hasn't and would like to participate! Its fun to share some random facts about yourself!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your awards Miss Princess! We love your factoids... we are in sync on the Nutcracker, and Naples!

GIRL FROM THE LAND of 10KL said...

Fun! I love Naples! That's where I vacation too =)