Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Thoughts

I love the real Housewives of Orange County! I know some people (B included) think that this show is trash, and it probably is, but I still love it! I thought I'd comment on a few things I've observed over the past season. Please excuse me if I'm a little judgemental...but isn't that the point of trash tv???

1. The O.C. housewives are by far the least ridiculous of the three casts so far. I could barely watch the Atlanta season! This, coming a girl who will watch my DVR'd episodes of every O.C. and N.Y.C. episode and then watch the reruns when they're on live! I'm an addict, I know. I wonder if they is a R.H.O.C.A. available? "Hi, I'm Princess Freckles, and I'm an addict." Atlanta was difficult to watch, because I kept finding myself feeling embarrassed for the cast! The N.Y.C. girls were much better, but Ramona? Pure trash. Alex? Embarrassing to watch! I liked the other three a lot though!

2. Tamra is the funniest lady on the show! I know she is a little racy with her humor, but I find her to be funny and (almost) real! She reminds me of some of the wives I know in Birmingham. Lots of money, but not always the best judgement, if you get my drift. Still, she is adorable, and fun to watch!

3. Jeana is and has always been my favorite housewife! She is super cool. She almost reminds me of my step mom. Just pretty calm all the time, but likes to have a good time. She doesn't let people walk all over her, and I think she seems to be a good
mother. We'll see when Colton (sp?) is in college....

4. Vicki needs a xnayx and a facial! I'm sorry, I know I'm being caddy, but seriously! Chill! Stop acting like you're running the free world, typing typing typing! Lady, you run an insurance company. Yes, I believe that you're a busy bee, but hire someone to help you if you're so swamped that you're forced to be rude to your friends while in the car and at the spa and you've
basically alienated your husband to the extent that you're not even sure he enjoys spending time with you anymore! Don't get me wrong, I like Vicki! She's one of the original three. She just needs to realize that she isn't Condoleezza Rice, she's an insurance saleswoman!

5. Lori! Lori! Lori! Umm, this chick won the lottery! George may be slightly goofy and sort of actually look like goofy, but he's so loving to her and such a doll! I'm dying to see what's going on with Josh this season! I think Lori has a great heart, and I can see that she is actually being a better parent now that she's with George. She wasn't ever going to be a career woman, for heaven's sake! Once she found her love, she is able to focus on raising her kids. Perhaps Sophia and her step siblings will turn out to be a little bit more grounded than Ashley and Josh? I hope so, for Lori's sake!

6. Gretchen is ummmm beautiful? Yes, that' the word! We'll see.....She seems ok. I like that she stood up to Vicki! I like that she is trying to get a Harley. I like that her fiance is from Detroit. I like that she didn't bolt when he got sick. But, the verdict is still out on her right now.

I miss Jo! I miss Tammy and her kids! I don't miss Quinn and her pseudo religious beliefs. Hello? If you're born again, you can't go sleeping around with 26 year old men!!!! Wow, did she rub me the wrong way!

Anyway, I sometimes wonder why I relate to this crazy ladies so much? Am I shallow? Or do I just wish I lived in Southern California? It is 28 degrees out today in Michigan!!!


Blonde Bookworm! said...

hahah I am sooo happy I found your blog!! You are hilarious and soo on point with all your observations about the "Wives" hehe It is trash but I love it!

Molly said...

No, I love that show too! I love Jeana and Cara. My sister dvrd the premiere for me last week over break and I never watched it. I too want to move there just to be around it!

Randall said...

Oh I love it so much too! I liked the NYC season but really didn't like Atlanta (even though I watched it all!). Can't wait for the new season to begin!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

The shows are total trash but I too love them! Well, I love the OC and my fav is NYC. I watched but did not at all enjoy Atl. Ew- they were all just gross to watch!! Who do you think is leaving the OC show? I'm thinking Lori to be with her family more maybe??

Sheila said...

Your analysis is right-on! I love this show too!

Jennifer said...

I am glad I found your blog! I just blogged about these women last week. Tomorrow's blog: OC! I agree with you about Vicki and her needed meds, but she is actually my fav since she makes me laugh so hard. However, she had better calm down soon or her life will become a total trainwreck.

Belle-ah said...

OH my...Atlanta was horrid. I made me just sick for the whole city! I mean OC and NYC were all out there types but ATL was just plain disgusting...oh, and being a "metro atl" girl I can tell you they don't live in the city any more than I do!

Did you hear that NeNe (from ATL) got evicted from her home last month?