Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some answers

This question and answers thing is fun! You all asked some great questions! I'll go ahead and get started answering some of them.

Ari asked: "When are we going to get together? ;)"
*Soon! We'll have to plan a dinner before my wedding! (Ari and I used to work together. She is the only person I know IRL, besides B, that reads this blog. )

The Future Mrs. Etten (private) asked: "How did you and B meet? Also, what's your most FAVORITE book?

Also, "One more ? What's your most important wedding planning advice?":

*B and I met while I was volunteering. He was working at his second job and we hit it off immediately. I was just coming out of a long relationship with my high school/college boyfriend Once I met B it seemed so simple to break off all remaining ties with the other guy, something I had been trying to do for a while!

*My favorite book is Catcher In The Rye. I first read it in tenth grade, and have reread it a few times since. Its such a sad story, but very easy to relate to, especially when read as a teenager. Its also so well written that the reader feels as though they're along for the journey with Holden.

*I have a few important pieces of wedding advice that I'd love to share! The first thing is a bit of advice one of my bridesmaids gave me when I first started the planning phase. She told me to get my dress a.s.a.p., because that sets the tone for the rest of the wedding. She was very right on this! Once you know what your dress style will be it does set the vibe for the rest of it, right now to where you'll want the reception. I had wanted a pretty preppy wedding, but once I bought my dress, I realized I was attracted to a more formal/traditional "feel". It made choosing invitations, bridesmaid dresses, flowers and location much easier!

Also, don't spend more than you can afford, and don't let anyone talk you into anything you don't like/want or cannot afford. This is simply NOT the most important day of your life. I hate it when people say that! There are going to be (and already have been) many important days in your life! This is an important day, yes, but do you really need to go into debt over it? I think not. Keep it in perspective. Things will go wrong, and there will things you want that can't be done, but its not going to ruin the day or your marriage, which is really the most important thing after all!

Have fun! You only get to do this once! You're only the bride-to-be once, and its a very special time. People fall all over you, and congratulate you, and get soooo excited when they hear that you're about to be married! Soak it all up!

Randall asked: "Going off of favorite book as above, I want to know your top three favorite books!"

*Okay, this gets tougher! I have so many favorites (well, so many runners-up)! I'll try to narrow it down to two more.

The first is Jackie After Jack by Christopher P. Anderson. When I started reading this book, I was in tears within two pages. It was also the first biography of Jacqueline Kennedy I'd ever read. The author just brings you right to Dallas. Its like you're a passenger in that fated limo, watching all the tragic events unfold, hoping for a different outcome. Then, you're with Jackie as she plans her husband's funeral, and moves out of the White House. The hardest part for me to read was when her grieving process is described. How does one even get out of bed in the morning? I think I loved this biography because one sees the transformation of the girl into the woman, and its easy to identify with her.

Another book that I have to say is one of my favorites is Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir. I've read a couple of her books, and I recommend them all! She's an excellent historical fiction writer, and I love historical fiction! This is another example of a book where you wish as you're reading that history will magically change and the story will have a different, more pleasing ending! That is what is hard about studying history, but also interesting to me. Even though not every story has a happy ending, its fascinating to read about it and feel as though I'm there and witnessing it all first hand.

I'll list a two more runners-up: My Life In France (for obvious reasons!) and The Historian.

WOW! This got long! I will continue to answer more of your questions next week!


LPC said...

You're a very good writer Miss Freckles. I look forward to more of these answers:).

Suburban Princess said...

I have My Life in France waiting on my bookshelf! I cant wait to read it!
Have you read What Would Jackie Do?

EntertainingMom said...

Great answers! Love your book choices!

Lexilooo said...

I LOVED The Historian too!

Muffy said...

Great Q&As! I agree with the wedding on point!

Lamp Tramp said...

Love your answers/stories! How you meet B is great. Great advice about the wedding dress, so ture. And your freckles, you wouldn't be YOU without them!

Julie said...

Love the question/answer blog! All good recommendations and advice. Already looking forward to the next set of questions/answers :)

Black Labs and Lilly said...

The Historian is one of my all time favorite books!!! I just heard the author is coming out with a new book in January, I can't wait!!

Ari said...

Good to know. Keep me informed lol

Great wedding advice too!

The Future Mrs. Etten said...

Thank you for answering my questions! It's always fun to get to know bloggers better!

Many thanks especially for the wedding advice. As you know, I'm knee deep in planning and any little piece of advice is helpful!

Have a great week!

Rachel H. said...

Love all your answers, and I totally agree about your dress setting the tone for the entire wedding. So true!!